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About Us Since its founding in 1992, Cybernetech has established itself as a leading value-added distributor of cutting-edge DataStorage, KVM solution, FibreChannel, Networking, Optical transmission devices and InfiniBand products. With a variety of sales channels, reliable technical support capabilities, and a wide selection of products, Cybernetech's products are preferred by numerous major industrial, entertainment, medical, academic and government organizations.

Cybernetech's mission is to offer solutions for data storage, data backup, KVM switches & extenters, fibre channel based storage area networking, DDR/QDR InfiniBand HCA & switches, 10Gb network adapters & industrial level Ethernet media converters & switches, optical transmission fiber cables, digital signage appliances, network cameras and other IT products.

The markets for these products are extremely diverse, and include data centers, power control centers, traffic control systems, television stations, auto part manufacturing, network operations centers, high-performance computing, national broadcasting, satellite transmission and reception centers, universities, and many other facilities. Cybernetech is located in central Tokyo. The company is privately held.

Our company "Cybernetech" was named after Cybernetics which was founded by Norbert Wiener - a pioneer in the study of stochastic and noise processes, contributing work relevant to electronic engineering, electronic communication, and control systems.
Cybernetics is a field that formalizes the notion of feedback and has implications for engineering, systems control, computer science, biology, philosophy, and the organization of society. The founder and C.E.O of Cybernetech has studied feedback and optimal control theory which is a part of Cybernetics in his post-graduate studies at the National University of Kyushu, therefore he named his newly founded company Cybernetech with the hope of applying the superior scientific principles of Cybernetics to his business.

- Established: April 1992
- Capital: Yen120,000,000 (US$ 1.33 Millions)
- President & C.E.O: Yoji Hirakata
- Bank: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
- Pdf document for company profile: Please click here
Head Office Cybernetech Corporation
1-16-11 Nihonbashi Kakigara-Cho Chuo-Ku Tokyo Japan, Postal Code: 103-0014
Telephone:  +81-3-3668-8089    Fax:  +81-3-3668-9872   WebSite:  http://www.cybernetech.co.jp
Contact:  Please send your inquiry to us.
Access Map Nearest subway station is Suitengumae station of Hanzomon Subway Line. Exit is No.6. Follow the red line on the map to get to Cybernetech.

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Our Business
KMV Solution
Visual Processing
Data Storage
Optical Cable
Network Camera
Centered around the 6 product groups of visual processing products, industrial-use network products, KVM management products, FiberChannel products, InfiniBand products, as well as data storage products, our company offers IT solutions for various industrial fields.

In regard to KVM management products, the demand for high resolution DVI video inputs/outputs & touch panels and also for serial & USB interface matrix-type KVM switches & extenders is increasing.
As for network products, there has been a rapid increase in inquiries for 10Gb Ethernet switches & NICs, high/low temperature-resistant industrial-use media converters & optical switches, and all types of fiber optic products.
Moreover, we also will not overlook the increase in the use of 20Gb and 40Gb infiniband for scientific computing and super high speed computing applications. In image processing fields (AV processing fields), a need is being created for high-tech multiscreen displays and simultaneous recording on large screens at places like control centers, command centers, and network operation centers. In addition, along with increasing network speeds, the technology to encode AV signals and do processing on the network has begun to spread.
Our company provides advanced equipment and solutions for these industrial fields.
In the field of data storage, we offer DAS that are directly connected to the server for many years, as well as NAS that are connected to the network. These high-capacity storage devices include on-site maintenance, corresponding to the needs of customers from various fields.
Specifically, our high-end NAS systems that connect to the network have data replication and clustering functions, which you can utilize to preserve your important data.
This company has positioned InfiniBand to be one of our key products from now on. We predict that there will be an increasing need for large-scale genome information processing, large-scale archive searching, and large-scale parallel computing performed in the fields of scientific technology and medicine.
For this field, we deal with products made by Qlogic and Mellanox.

The future course of this company is to promptly offer advanced IT equipment and IT solutions primarily from overseas suppliers to domestic customers in a form that they can rely on. We aim to do our best towards improving the level of Japanese industry, the development of society, and security.
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